The Diff is delighted to announce its Inspired Beach Program with Juliane Elizabeth Mosebar, an outstanding sand and indoor volleyball coach with experience at the highest level. The Inspired Beach Program includes beach clinics, beach competitions and beach tournaments.
The two beach clinic series are designed to improve individual athletes’ efficiency, consistency and overall athleticism with low impact on joints due to the sand’s forgiving surface. Clinics will focus on ball control, situational drills and game play to improve
performance both on the sand and the indoor court. To learn more and to register, visit:
The competition series is focused on developing a team’s strategies and connectivity based on the pair’s strengths and weaknesses. Designed for those that love to compete, these 60-minute group lessons allow for four teams (8 athletes total) to compete in 2 vs. 2 play in a variety of situational games and drills. To learn more and to register, visit:
Our Inspired Beach tournaments are for 14U and18U divisions and will be held June 3, June 22 and July 14. To register, visit:

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